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Step #1: Create Account

  • Click “Create Account" button on upper right-hand corner of the screen and begin. 

Step #2: Activate Your Account

  • Create username and password

  • Provide personal information (Note: all items with an * must be filled out)

  • Choose preferred method of confirmation: Email, Text, or Both

  • Click "Submit"

Step #3: Login

  • “Registration Successful” message will appear at top left-hand corner of screen.

  • Active your account by following the exact steps via Email AND Text.
             • Via Email, click “Confirm Email” link.
             • Via Text, enter the 6 digit code in “Enter Security Code” box. 

  • Click “Confirm”

Step #4: Request A Refill

  • Now that you’re registered as a New User, you will need to log in to begin the prescription refill process. 

  • Enter Rx# from your prescription bottle. You have up to 12 prescriptions you can refill. 

  • Enter patient information: Phone #, Email, Delivery Method

  • Click on “Delivery Method” drop down menu and choose from 1 of 3 options

  • For “PickUp”, specify PickUp Date and Time

  • For “Delivery”, specify Delivery Address

  • Enter “Captcha Code” 

  • Click “Submit Refill Requests” 

Step #5: Verify Your Order

  • Check box next to “RxNo” for each prescription

  • Click “Submit” 

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